Aquarius · Leo · The Mystery

It starts with you, it ends with us, 1

I know there is no beginning, and there is no end, but can you pretend?

Can you act like one life is all there is, that it starts with you but ends with us?

Can you be grateful for the fact that you can experience yourself? As anything – as being grateful, as being dignified, as being graceful.

You can just be, but you can also experience yourself as being whatever you need.

If you need grace, experience yourself as being graceful.

If you need courage, experience yourself as being courageous.

If you need kindness, experience yourself as being kind.

Maybe you can never be kind, or grateful, or graceful, or any one thing. Maybe you are all. All possibilities.

Maybe when it comes to being, you can only just be.

But that doesn’t mean fun is out of reach.

Experience yourself as kind, and in your mind, kind you will be.

For a moment in time you will become something that you need.

And you will embrace yourself, and show yourself some love.

As time goes by, more and more of love will be there, and you’ll be ready to share.

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