Aquarius · Leo · The Mystery

It starts with you, it ends with us, 2

So it started with you, but it does end with us.

From all possibilities, there was one probability that decided to take a chance and see if it can become reality.

You took a chance, you became who you are, and triumphantly you wanted to be acknowledged, to be seen, to be loved.

So you had to reach out to another probability from the realm of all possibilities to see if they can become real in your reality.

And here and now we are, a few probabilities from the realm of all possibilities that became real in your reality.

Loving each other, caring for one another, holding each other in high regard.

Creating a sacred space, unique in this time and place, for the sole purpose of falling in love, then liberating ourselves and turning back into probabilities who would have more possibilities, if possibilities could be had.

Unfortunately, probabilities don’t own rights to possibilities, but love can be shared.

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