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Aphrodite – Beauty

Aphrodite, what is Beauty?

Voice. Sound of harmony. Soothing. Uplifting. Healing.

Opening of hope.

In an instant, you can become indifferent to all past pains.

Just the right word, just the right sound, a tender touch, liberating your mind that keeps you as its prisoner.

You can become The Master of the physical.

Aphrodite, what is the physical?

Nothing but spiritual, nothing but you.

You can’t run away from yourself, your complete self – spirit, emotions, mind, body. Body doesn’t function on its own.

You are fueling it with your convictions, your bad decisions. You can’t do one thing, and expect to embody something else.

What you do, how you act, is exactly what you’re gonna get.

Aphrodite, how do you heal others?

Willingly, I tie myself to the ground.

Take on the emotions of others. Be the victim of reactions of others. Take their pain and anger in, then release.

I have the strength of no judgement, my soul is transparent, ready to let the malice of the world through, send it to heaven to be cured.

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