Capricorn · The Mystery

Capricorn – Build up, tear down

You are a Capricorn.

You govern your world, but…

You have entered an already established reality. An existing structure that functions on a certain type of rules.

Within that established reality, within that structure, you will be asked to create, to build your own world, create a legacy.

As a newcomer to this already established reality, you are compatible with it, you are well equipped and able to function, but you also carry the seed for advancement. You are that seed, and the advancement you bring is a threat to old outdated structures.

While building your own world, you demolish some of the pre-existing reality.

You clear up space where the new can be seeded, planted, then taken care of and grown.

You build a structure you can enjoy yourself in, a structure you can feel safe and secure in.

That structure will replace some of the old, but also be compatible and well-adjusted to the old that remained intact.

Some of what existed before you, you will inherit, you will keep.
Some of it you will keep passing on.
Some of what existed before you you will tear down.

You are a Capricorn.

You build, and you clear up space.
You remove the non-functioning.
You signal the end of the useless.

You announce the emergence of a structure that will be stable and able to support life and society, the way it is structured at this particular moment in time.

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