Pisces · Taurus

Luxurious romance

Today we celebrate Moon in Taurus…

Keep doing what you do
Keep loving me the same way
And I promise,
I will stay

I promise, I say
Just to be a little bit over dramatic
Just to spice up what seems to be static

But the truth is
And it is a fact
That there’s no other way
I could react

To the love you are giving me
To your heart that keeps forgiving me
When I make not the wisest of steps

To your eyes that smile when seeing me
To your soul that’s so skilled in feeling me
Even if our bodies haven’t touched yet

I have no choice
But to use my voice
To say, every day

I am so grateful that you chose me,
I was so lucky
to be able to give you a chance

I am so proud to be this sensible
to keep alive what’s most valuable
and so humbled
by this luxurious everyday romance

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