Gemini · Pisces

Trick me

Trick me into thinking
There is no other existence
Other than a moment by your side

Trick me into loving
By casually becoming
My elusive ambition,
My insurmountable climb

Make me believe
It was always about you and me
Meeting in a place full of wonder
Where love doesn’t reveal itself
With the sound of thunder
Where the silence is louder
But the words sweeten it up

Talk me into believing
That I am not bleeding
Assure me of what is not true –

That in this moment,
Nothing has relevance,
Except this uncanny resemblance
To love,
And me
And you

Talk me into speaking
Trick me into making a sound
Let me betray myself
So I can, for a moment,
Become somebody else

Let me walk around, betrayed
Let me come back to myself, changed

Let me flow
Through forgetfulness into healing
From mindlessness into being

Let me tell you there are no words
To explain how I’m feeling

About you, me
And our sweet little games

That my silence remains golden,
With either a thousand,
Or completely without names

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