I made plans

It’s difficult not to imagine all could be easy, but it takes the same amount of effort to live in the clouds.

So why should I?

Divide the earth and sky?

Why should I see earth as the enemy of an all-encompassing divine ecstasy that would be willing to touch me if only my body wasn’t covered in mud?

Why should I put in effort to sustain a blissful image of eden that hates me?

Why should I fuel the fable of otherwordly wholeness, if I made plans to roll around in the mud with grace and humility?

It will be difficult, but, I am devoted to finding out how to erase that image of a hateful heaven, how to bring back mercy and adoration of light that love made tangible.

I will not divide the earth and sky.

I will surrender to the joy mixed with pain
with those that chose to remain
on earth,
covered in mud.

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