It’s dark inside

It’s dark inside

It could be warm
It could be calm

But do you want it to?

To be only sweet and neat
Only candy, nothing deep?

Nothing more than sugar on top?

Or do you need something
a little more tempestuous,
To be alone in the storm,
Tossed around like the rest of us?

Try to feel
It could be dynamic, but contained
You could be still, but amazed

You could have
Intensity, but not speed
Hunger, but not greed

A home to be alone
With those that cause the storms
And bring forth the waves you can ride

Waves that will take you
To all four corners of your being
Waves that will crash you
On the rocky shores of suppressed feelings

Waves that will keep you
Where it’s dark
Where it’s warm
Where it’s calm, but turns into a raging storm
From one moment to the next

A vicious storm that won’t take prisoners,
but will receive guests

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