Capricorn · Saturn


I thought I was prepared for life
But it’s all falling apart

I thought I was prepared
For completion, for recognition
But this feels like going back to the start

I had wishes, I had cravings, I had dreams,
Products of my lustful want
Echoes of my primal scream

Naively, I thought
That it’s safe to want
That it would be smooth sailing

But suddenly, I’m failing

Naively, I thought
That this chaotic soup of experiences
Could use some additional spices

So a higher power took it upon itself
To serve me a delicious crisis

Now, naively, I think
I will never want more
Since I know what’s in store
That even if I do my best,
I might not pass the test
And then,
The challenge will come back again

As the response to my primal desire
Still fed by eternal fire
That I lit up eons ago

When I was still so damn curious
To find out more about my soul

When I was still so damn delusional
To think I could ever have control

When I could still ignore
That devilish grin on the face of Time
Teasing me through infinity
Tormenting my divinity

Preparing to chew my body up,
Getting ready to haunt me,
Tempting me into more wanting

To eventually lead me
to beg Love to need me,
to bring me into being

Again and again and again

Until I find a way
For Time to be erased

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