Aries · Pisces · Taurus

If only…

After the slumber of Pisces, we awaken our hunger and desire in Aries, then stumble upon the mysterious fruits of Earth, that are not eternal, but ever-changing.

Yes, today we immerse ourselves in sensations with Moon in Taurus…

If only I could breathe you in,
like the wind

If only I could drink up silence,
and hear you still

Erase the space
Force an embrace
Pull you in even closer

If only I could walk on water

If only I could
Cross the rivers of our tears
Then rush through hills
Untouched by fear

If only I could be
Alive to feel

If only you could be
That precious someone
I could never have
But still,
Life gave away

Sent to me,

As a sign of good faith

As a mother’s comfort
that everything will be okay

As a father’s promise
that this life was not a mistake

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