Chosen ones

A life, made up of other peoples lives.

I am the master of incorporating the lives of others into my own.

I do it with respect, dignity, honouring all I intend to keep in my circle.

If you are a part of my circle, you are entitled to my respect. You are entitled to my consideration.

I carry the title of the king of my universe, but what I call my universe, consists of you.

My chosen people.

My chosen ones.

If I ever forget that I chose you, and willingly made you a part of my life, wake me up.

Stand up to me. Stand up for yourself.

Remind me you were the ones chosen.

But beware!

Be careful not to overstep and fall into the same trap.

You are the king of your universe, that is inhabited by souls chosen by you.

In that world order, I am the one who is chosen.

I am the one who is entitled to your consideration and respect. I am the one who is entitled to your gratitude.

Remember, I accepted your request to become a thread that helps weave the fabric of your universe.

So, you are a piece of my puzzle, and I, as a piece, complete yours.

We are in a bit of a dead lock, aren’t we? Have we reached a dead end?

Or are we ready to admit we are equally important, if not the same?

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