Let it burn

I wait for fire.

Fire makes me pop, fire makes me spread, it gives me chances to continue living, to live again, after death.

I wait for fire, then I surrender.

I surrender to the fire in me.

No questions asked, I turn to my burning heart, and I let it lead.

With no caution, no taken precautions, and no sensitivity.

I let it burn, I let it be shown how I truly think and feel.

So let me be honest, even if it hurts, even if it burns.

Jump into the fire with me.

Let it burn away what you don’t need.

Let it. Let me.

Let me burn, even if it hurts.

It will only be a minute, and I’ll fade away, dropping into an abyss, down the road you are not willing to take.

And again, you will be safe.

So let it. Let it burn, let me.

It will only be a minute, it will only be an instance, before you see me disappearing, vanishing in the distance.

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