Preparations for Love – Awakening

Nobody is asking you anything.
No answers need to be given.
You are asked to accept this turn of Destiny.

Your Universe is about to turn upside down.

It won’t be a problem.
You have gotten to know the Universe inside of you, and no matter how it rearranges itself in the outside, it is still you.

The Wheel of Destiny will always turn when you need to get back to yourself.

To your center.

It will twist and turn your circumstances, but it will never change you.

The You in the Center.

The Eternal in all of us.


The benefits of drumming – The Magician

Drumming with intent is one way to ground our spirit.

The act of drumming acts as a channel, and our spirit is able to push through into this earthy realm and we become more present and aware, of our earthly nature as well as our spiritual, non-bodily nature.

Like the Magician, who is a channel for divine will, through drumming we use our masculine, active side to direct. We direct energy by becoming the hollow reed, by becoming the vehicle through which divine will shall be done.

We remove our small ego self, and make way for pure consciousness to express itself.

With drumming and the Magician, we have the opportunity to experience masculine energy, the energy that is active, directed and focused but in alignment with all that is.


To drum without experience is a very powerful ritual, because you will be relying on your feminine side to surrender and have faith that your hands are moving just as they are supposed to move.

To drum when you don’t know how to drum is an act of respect and trust in your feminine side, and an act of worship of feminine energy in all of us.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that creates without knowing, but through sensing and feeling.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that doesn’t know, but still lives according to that knowing.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that doesn’t speak, but whose existence screams a thousand and one spiritual truths.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy, who lives and dies for her counterpart, the ever so worshiped masculine energy.


Preparations for Love – Truth

Keep the rhythm

We started this journey
Now just keep the rhythm

Keep showing more and more of yourself
Keep the rhythm

Let go of the fears
Keep the rhythm

Let go of the lies
Keep the rhythm

Let go of past bad memories
Keep the rhythm

Keep the rhythm
Don’t move unless it’s time for you to move
Don’t speak unless it’s time for you to speak

Don’t break this rhythm
Don’t stop
We have just begun

My turn, then your turn
Then again mine

Keep the rhythm

And eventually
We will reach Truth


Preparations for Love – Nothing will change

I love you, so what?

The world won’t come to an end, my life is not going to change. Everything will be just as it always was.

I love you, and don’t know why. So what?

I chose to choose what my feelings are telling me to choose. I don’t think, I just feel, and all I feel is you.

I feel you everywhere, I feel you all the time.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel all that I need to feel, and it seems to me that all I want to feel is you.

I will hear all that I need to hear, and it seems to me that all I want to hear is you.

I will see all that I need to see, and it seems to me that all I want to see is you.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel you, listen to you speak, look at you from one morning to the next.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel what you feel, say the words that come to your mind and smile just like you did, from the first time joy touched your heart.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel just the way you feel, talk the way you talk and walk the way you walk.

But nothing is going to change.

We will be just as we have always been.

Me living inside you, you breathing inside of me.

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Preparations for Love – Pain

Three of Swords – Are you hurting your heart with false beliefs?


The Element of Air is here to give us clarity, to organize the information we take in from observing the world into a coherent perception of reality.

How we arrange and rearrange that data is our own doing. What did you decide? How are you going to describe yourself based on what you see around you?

Are you going to define yourself as a being worthy of love, or will you put some other label on yourself?

Will you call yourself ugly, incompetent, powerless, lost, not good enough?

Put whatever label you want on yourself, but be prepared to live in a reality where those labels are – real.

What you created, you shall live.

You want pain, live pain.
You want love, live love.

If you want pain, you will have to hurt yourself.
If you want love, you will have to love yourself.