Morning Contemplations – Let’s talk about Aries!

When you want to gain more understanding about a particular sign, take a look at the complementary sign, the squaring signs and the trines.

Complementary signs are the opposite poles of the same story, and they work together to create a harmonious whole. For Aries, it is Libra.

The squaring signs have a different motivation, they are in conflict. Through their interaction, squaring signs refine their actions and grow through adversity, through difficulty, through restriction. For Aries, we have Cancer and Capricorn.

The trines are the signs of the same element, and those are the signs that understand each other and get along. They depict three stages of development – Initiation, Sustaining, Change. Like three friends working on a project, each one fulfilling a task. And since they are so similar, we compare their expression to get to know each of them in more detail. For Aries, we have the fire signs Sagittarius and Leo.

Take a look at Aries and Libra What story do they share? How do they help each other stay in balance?

Take a look at Cancer and Capricorn How do they differ from Aries? What is their motivation that makes them so different? And how do they help Aries stay in balance?

Examine Leo and Sagittarius What does Fire want to express in those signs? How is it different from Aries?


Contemplate, enjoy!

And blessed be!


Preparations for Love – Nothing will change

I love you, so what?

The world won’t come to an end, my life is not going to change. Everything will be just as it always was.

I love you, and don’t know why. So what?

I chose to choose what my feelings are telling me to choose. I don’t think, I just feel, and all I feel is you.

I feel you everywhere, I feel you all the time.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel all that I need to feel, and it seems to me that all I want to feel is you.

I will hear all that I need to hear, and it seems to me that all I want to hear is you.

I will see all that I need to see, and it seems to me that all I want to see is you.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel you, listen to you speak, look at you from one morning to the next.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel what you feel, say the words that come to your mind and smile just like you did, from the first time joy touched your heart.

But nothing is going to change.

I will feel just the way you feel, talk the way you talk and walk the way you walk.

But nothing is going to change.

We will be just as we have always been.

Me living inside you, you breathing inside of me.

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