Astrology · Scorpio

Scorpio and Pisces – I know what you want, but you are not going to get it…

You come with your smile and a thousand lies behind it.

I guess, long ago, a knife pierced your heart, maybe even split it in half. To stop the bleeding, you crafted an armor, and inserted it into your chest. In order to protect that which is most sacred.

But the heart can’t breathe that way. What fuels the heart is the heart of another and its loving beat.

You had two choices before you. To melt the armor and live of love, or to stay shielded and play games.

You chose to play games. Play games with other people, never telling them the truth, never being sincere, only looking for a way to feed your starved soul. I know what you want, but you are not going to get it.

I stand here before you, my heart open, waiting to connect. I offer you myself. But you refuse. You do not want to experience me. You are starving for yourself.

By putting on your armor, you separated yourself from your heart, and now you desperately want that feeling of connection. The hunger for love drives you insane, you start to bite my flesh, try to rip it from my bones.

Stop! You are hurting me! I did not offer this to you! I will hand you over my heart, so it can melt with yours, that is what I’m offering! Not my blood, flesh and bones!

I know what you want! To feed of me, and try to replace the missing parts of yourself.

Well, you are not going to get it!

Go away!

I will stay true to myself and will not let you devour me!

Although the loneliness hurts me as well, and your bites sometimes seem better than nothing, I will not back down!

This is the line that I have drawn, and you shall not pass!

Not without handing over your heart first!



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