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Heal with Aquarius – Let go of the Ego

After the cardinal sign of Capricorn, comes the fixed Aquarius.

With Capricorn, we have established the rules we want to live by, and in Aquarius, based on those rules, we experiment with our personal freedom.

When our body has mastered a number of movements in Capricorn, Aquarian energy will take us into experimenting with what we have learned.

In essence, Aquarian energy doesn’t break the rules – it tries to make something new out of the old. When Aquarians are finished reforming the old, it will look different, unrecognizable, crazy. Remember, Aquarius is a fixed sign and its intention is to maintain, not to change.

It will take a visionary to see that the Aquarian reform is indeed taking us where we want to go, and even in accordance with our base values. We are just giving our old paradigm a new, fresh feel.

In this dance ritual my body was called to maintain that energy of experiment, with a vision of new movements emerging from the old, Capricornian ones.

Since I was trained in Oriental dance, or Bellydance, it really was an experiment that requires vision and faith. Faith that something beautiful will emerge from this Aquarian silliness and non-polished movement.

But as a universal sign, Aquarius won’t let your ego get in the way. There is no reason for Aquarius to feel less than, and have low self-esteem, since he was born from Capricorn. He has his accomplishments, and he is not making beginner mistakes. His ‘mistakes’ are his own choice to go beyond what has been done so far, and to try and bring in something better.

When you lived the stage of Capricorn, and you have become an expert with what you know, it’s time to continue living in your integrity and keep going. Keep going so you can discover your uniqueness, your specialty, and give back to the society that has raised you the new experience you acquired by just being you.

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