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Approaching Aquarius – Let go, but leave a legacy

With Capricorn, we have established the rules we want to live by, and in Aquarius, based on those rules, we experiment with our personal freedom.

I have been studying bellydance for many years, and then it was time to move on, to experiment, to find my own movement. Anyone who has reached the Capricornian stage in some field, where others look at you as an example, will testify: it’s extremely difficult to let go. Of the ego?

Of all the accomplishments, of the pull of society that wants to keep you in the same place, where it saw you most esteemed, most valuable.

It’s difficult to let go of the persona you created, the persona you presented to society through your work. Your hard work and many accomplishments. Capricorn, remember?

And it’s not time to erase your persona and start over like nothing happened. No, we are not going into Gemini. We have to let our legacy live, while we detach. Aquarius.

I gave you my work, I gave you my wisdom, but now, let me go.
I gave you my time, I gave you my support, but now, let me go.
Stand on your own two feet, right beside me.
And together we walk.

In this text,

Heal with Aquarius – Let go of the Ego

I contemplated on the relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius through the lens of reprogramming my body movements. Enjoy!


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