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Heal with Libra – Beauty, Harmony, Equality

Croatian version/ Hrvatska verzija – Vaga – znak harmonije, ljepote i ravnopravnosti

To me, Beauty is Balance. Measure. Symmetry. Beautiful faces are symmetrical faces. Beautiful words are words with measure. Carefully chosen to resonate with the hearts of others.

When I talk, when I write, I sing. And I want other people to join in my song. Let’s create beautiful tunes together. It hurts when people don’t join me, or when they don’t pay attention and disrupt the harmony by imposing their own notes. I don’t understand those who put themselves in the center of the universe and don’t want to cooperate.

In order to feel complete, I have to be face to face with the Other. Because my job is to reconcile differences. I know it’s possible, I know how.

We are all equal. The thoughts, desires, needs of each individual are equally valuable. There is always a way to find a solution that is perfect for both parties through communication.

I am a process of alignment. I’m not talking about compromise how people perceive it – for one side to give in, for the common good. No.

I have patience, I expose my views rationally and with respect, I allow the other party to hear me and in return I pay attention. As I listen, I allow the essence of the other side to permeate me, and to change me. Something that was from the Other was mine, but I wasn’t aware of it. We found the first common thread.

The other side served as a mirror, and I found a lost piece of myself. I become more Me through a relationship with You. Thank you.

We repeat.

I express my views and needs, which were created by the alchemy of the two of us. I offer my new self to the other side. Step by step, we align.

In the end, what I want is what you want. Because in essence, we are the One. The one spirit coming alive through many faces. We are that Oneness. I am You, and You are Me. In Lak’ech. Ala Kin.

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