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Shop with Pisces, Cancer and Taurus – Dreams, Memories and shiny things

The Earthy sign of Taurus represents the material world, our valuable possessions, beauty. In Taurus, all we consider beautiful, we need to touch, taste, smell, listen, see. We might even want to make it ours. Own it.

Pisces and Cancer are in sextile to Taurus, they are the signs that can bring growth, but only if we apply their wisdom deliberately, consciously. Since Taurus is hungry for physical experiences, and Pisces and Cancer would happily drown themselves in imagination and emotion, this concept in astrology might be telling us that our dreams and feelings can help us with material well-being.

Pisces and Taurus – Wait, but not for eternity

Taurus, if left unsupervised, can become greedy, especially in today’s society. Now, Pisces is considered a dreamer, useless dreamer if I may add, so it is a challenge for Taurus, who craves for the valuable, to turn to Pisces for advice. But then again – that might be the clue we need.

Taurus is not Virgo – a cautious, discriminating hermit denying himself of pleasure. He wants the best that life can provide, so to raise your standards, first go to Pisces. Dream. Imagine the unimaginable. Believe, as a true Pisces, that exactly what you see in your dreams can become reality. An when you get back to reality, be disappointed with all you see. Accept the disappointment, enjoy the disappointment.

Since nothing is as you dreamed it could be, the temptation of Taurus is gone. Gone with the wind, or, in this case, gone with the Water. And if you develop the power of faith and imagination, firstly, you will believe that abnormally exquisite things exist, and secondly, you will have enough trust in the universe that your dreams will be delivered to you, one day. With the fanaticism of Pisces, you will be willing to wait forever for that divine perfection, and might even turn into a Virgo, denying yourself of any pleasure.

So be careful of dreams, they can turn your life into a nightmare. And let’s appreciate Taurus now, for being able to consider valuable anything he comes across. The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Taurus and Cancer – When I remember when…

Now that you are aware of the power of Pisces, can you believe that Cancer might be an even stronger antidote to unnecessary spending? Your dreams can crush you, but your memories… Sometimes your memories won’t let you live…

Cancer lives by feeling, and creates a home. Following his gut-instinct, he will find places where he belongs. And he will find all that belongs to him. The beauty that Taurus searches for now has additional criteria – does this belong to me? Do I belong to this? When shopping, look at that t-shirt and ask yourself – does she belong to me? Do I belong to her?

Using the power of Cancer, shopping becomes a quest to find your belongings. Haunted by memories of your true home, you will not be able to make a purchase if you don’t feel you found your long lost child. Yes, that motherly caring that Cancer has will make you feel your valuables are your children. And you will have much more fun with your possessions, tending to them as if they were alive.

The motherly Cancer can also help you with giving away the valuable things you don’t use. As we all know, one day, we have to let our children go. And if that majestic necklace is hidden in the drawer for years, maybe it’s time for her to grow up, move out and find herself her own home. You will help her with that, off course. We don’t just kick our children out on the street. We make sure they are safe and in the right hands.



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