Gemini · Libra · Venus

Aphrodite – Tread lightly

Aphrodite, why do you flirt?

Beginnings are tender and fragile, you must go around, tread carefully on past pains of others.

Pains are there, you don’t see them so you tread lightly, you carefully choose words that have no heaviness, that hold no substance, words that are empty. You avoid being heavy.

You tread lightly with empty words, the words hold no significance yet. For now, they are just tools to distract from old wounds. Remember, you are wandering inside unrecovered bleeding hearts still begging for healing and mercy.

Words will initially be empty, so your hearts feel safe enough to be approached, be healed, and then filled. Words, then, become true again, hearts become full again.

With the unthreatening presence of those that cared enough not to rush.

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