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Aphrodite – Impact

But Aphrodite, if you tread lightly, how do you leave an impact?

You tread lightly, but gradually, your steps become more intentional. You grow.

You grow inside anothers heart, start putting down roots. You become a part of them, not a burden they are reluctant to carry, a painful baggage they yearn to release.

You become a part of them, that sustains itself, grows inside of them, nourishes and takes what is offered back.

You take what you are offered, nothing more, in order to grow inside the soul of another.

Firmly, yet carefully rooted, you start to ask more relevant questions, and answer some difficult questions in return.

You reveal yourself to be able to expand and claim more space inside of another heart, another soul, another mind.

You reveal yourself, offer yourself to be claimed. To leave an impact, you must be stipped to your core, completely exposed. So choose wisely. Root yourself in hearts that made you a promise of mercy.

In conclusion, if you want to leave an impact, don’t expect to stay completely intact. You must strip down, scrub off, all that keeps you from telling your story.

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