Libra · Venus

Aphrodite – Stay connected

Aphrodite, when you make an impact, how do you stay connected?

You proceed with delicate inquiry. You stay focused, but gentle, graceful but impactful. You do not shield yourself nor hide your power, but you do not use that power unless the same power is calling you in.

And no matter how much power you feel, you stay gentle. With focus and grace, you proceed.

You handle the issues of others with sophisticated attention and care. You use your power to be gentle, and you refine your ability to appreciate the other. You appreciate, you become grateful while putting effort into being clear but gentle.

You become clear but gentle. You become harmless but precise. You become precise in your delivery of truth. And the truth is?

You stay connected by being clear, precise, gentle.

You keep in mind, all the time, that you are a guest in a mortals heart, and your visit will come to an end.

Make sure you are remembered well.

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