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Aphrodite – Ask

But Aphrodite, will it slow me down?

Connection? Walking hand in hand?

No, it will keep you away from rash decisions and turn you into a true warrior. It will make you wait, you will fight when you’re called to fight, for the benefit of all.

I wish you would always hold somebody’s hand, so you take the time to reconsider your choices, and consider how the choices you make affect the ones you take on the journey with you.

Are they willing to go?

You must ask yourself, not whether you are wrong, but how does your will affect others?

And does your will impose upon others, with no care given, no consideration?

You must ask yourself – do you act like you’re alone in the world?

And if you are alone, are you alone or just abandoned by those who would have loved you, who would have held your hand, if you weren’t so insistent on having your way?

So no, I don’t think connection will slow you down. I think it will save you from risks not worth taking, from risks that are not risks, but certified death, 100 percent certain mistakes, unhinged escapades, an adrenalin rush that has no purpose, serves no purpose.

And what is your purpose?
Do you have a purpose?

If nothing comes to mind yet, turn to the ones holding your hand, and ask.

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