Sagittarius · The Mystery

Enjoy the rush

Enjoy the rush
Of your strength coming back

Enjoy the elevation
That comes with rejuvenation

Go forward, but don’t be perplexed
When you see that you are, in fact,
Going back

Going back to youth, and the way you used to be

Innocent, in constant bewilderment,
Looking for adventure,
Blessed by heart-lead curiosity

Washing away too high of a expectation,
Shame, guilt, self-imposed condemnations

Freeing yourself and giving yourself liberties

Taking chances any soul should be given to live

In accordance with soul, you create law
That will enable you to celebrate divinity
And live all throughout infinity

All in all
You are a wondrous soul
Belonging to the greater whole
Given the chance to excell,
to propel itself to the stars
Then, take a dive back down,
just so you can try to jump back up again
and give yourself another chance
At excellence

Jumping up, then plunging back into your starting point
Knowing that the second round of this journey won’t disappoint
And that you’ll keep doing it again and again

Knowing that the second time around
It will be better, it will be more
Of all that you have been waiting for

You’ll be running to cross the finish line,
only so you can end up at the start
Thrilled to take the never-ending journey of a wild heart

Thirsty for love and finding out –
What does it all mean?

While having lots and lots of fun

In between

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