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Wordsearch – Looking for a new perspective

Today, Moon is in Virgo…

Virgo brings us discernment, and the ability to make peace with our circumstances. We accept our position and condition in life, and we focus on making the life thrown at as work. No matter how uncomfortable the situation is, Virgo stays, doesn’t leave, until the mess has been cleared up and order is restored.

To lighten up the mood a little bit, let’s call in the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, to transport us to Gemini, and let’s play a game!


Let’s play a wordsearch – the first three words you see will be of significance to you, but of what significance?

This is what we will do.

Since it’s Aquarius season, let’s set the intent to find a new perspective to a specific problem or life in general.

Aquarius is an Air sign, so we are not planning to make concrete steps, we are planning to gain a new perspective on the issue.

We are moving away from the ground, looking for ways to detach from emotional entanglements and what we consider to be absolute truth, so fresh new insight can arise.

With Aquarius, we do “mind work”, which can be viewed as “no work at all” by the Earth signs, but let’s leave their poor bitter and frustrated souls behind, and reach for the sky inspite of their mumbling.


Now that we learned about Aquarius and Virgo, we get to play! Yes, Saturn as the traditional ruler of Aquarius is not letting you off the hook. First – knowledge, then – games.

The intent has been set, the first 3 words you see are the tools you need to use to find a new perspective to a specific problem or life in general.

Let’s go!

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