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Tales of the Zodiac – The Journey of Aquarius

When you reach the top, as Capricorn, you will see the mountain you have climbed, the steps you needed to make to get to where you are.

You may not like what you see.

As Aquarius, you will stay close to the clouds, detached from the experience you lived through, which will enable you to start envisioning a better world.

You will detach yourself from the person you used to be, the person complicit with all the wrong-doings, and you will be free to experiment in your mind, to develop blueprints for a new structure of society.

You will stay beneath the clouds, in your mind, wondering why you’re misunderstood.

But you’re not misunderstood. You are not seen, nor heard. You live so far away, disconnected from the ground.

But your time will come, when you will put all the dots together, and decide to come back down with your plan for advancement and betterment of society.

On your way down, you will not stop spreading your ideas to those on the way up. You will be heard, but not understood. They yet have to find their way to the top. Then they will be able to fully comprehend your worries, your reasons for claiming innovation is needed, and crucial for the continuation of the human species.

At the base of the mountain, you will join the Pisces tribe, that goes from seclusion to immersion in the same society you found to be faulty.

You will become the Pisces tribe, you will sacrifice mind and take the vow of heart, the vow of compassion and forgiveness, and go right back into the waters you came from.

Purufied, ready to start again.

Ready to become the Aries tribe.

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