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Libra – Surface mission, not superficial mission

Today, we feel Moon in Libra…

It’s interesting that 2 out of 3 Air signs (Air being the symbol of social interaction/communication) are judged to be cold or shallow. Aquarius is often seen as “the cold one”, Gemini “the shallow one”.

Libra has escaped the mass lynching, but you might hear, here and there, that Libra is also superficial.

Let’s think about this.

Would there be a need for Scorpio?

The mission of Scorpio, who follows Libra, is to take us deep beneath. Would there be a need for Scorpio if there didn’t exist a surface, and if we weren’t so inclined to stay on that surface?

So for a need for Scorpio to exist (and Scorpio loves to be needed, pardon me, craved for), there must be a Libra.

What is her role?

Create distance

To crave diving into a realm where two souls are merged, there need to be two souls in the first place. There needs to be a distance so a craving to erase that distance can be born.

With distance, we perceive a surface. We see the surface of those at a distance.

If that surface is the surface of a balanced individual, it will easily reflect back to us our own image.

A polished Mirror

With inner balance comes a polished surface.

A mirror you can’t penetrate through. Not without permission.

The Mirror tells you to hold on, stay back.

Stay still, until you are ready to face what’s going on beneath the surface.

But when will we be ready?

And if inner balance brings a polished surface, wouldn’t it be logical to dive deep, see what’s going on beneath, and then transmute whatever is causing us, Mirrors, to be so tarnished?

Well, that sounds logical, but still, Libra comes before Scorpio, so it seems we are forced to deal with other people before we get to face our own issues. Maybe…

Maybe it’s easier to deal with troubled individuals than it is to face yourself?

Maybe the surface is the preparation stage?

And if it is, what would it look like?

I suspect it would be something like this:

Surface mission, not superficial mission

Look into the eyes of every individual you come across, and form a harmonious connection.

On the surface, find a way to balance.

Make sure that nothing disturbs the surface. Not your inner madness, not the inner madness of others. Nothing.

Establish harmonious connections with each individual you meet.

Let’s repeat.

Establish harmonious connections.

With each individual you meet.

Then, you are safe to leave the surface and dive deep.


How does the surface seem now? Superficial, or a whole lot of effort and work?

Would you rather deal with yourself, or with others?

Looking from beneath, it’s the same thing.
Looking from the surface, it is a preference.

But the struggle is real.

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