Libra · Taurus

Moving through cycles

Sensual erasure,
Incredible pleasure

Moving through cycles,
In my favourite rhythm,
I change, rhythmically,
I dance, constantly

Moving through cycles,
Rhythmically changing,
Constantly expanding
You approach

Like the sound of the drum
That knows the adequate beat
You leave me breathless,
Turn me defenseless

And you keep coming,

In that captivating rhythm,
You sneak up on my soul
I become enraptured
From heart to gut,

Underneath my skin
Is where you begin
To work your magic
And leave traces of your charm

You erase all that could be
And all that would be
If you hadn’t found a way
Into my heart

Sensual erasure,
Immense pleasure
Brings beginnings
Of a different kind

You inscribe your rhythm,
You fill me in
Until only the awareness
Of your alluring presence
Is left underneath my skin

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